Kindle Vella January Update

A'alia Zealous
4 min readMar 1, 2022

Month 6, I thought I started the New Year off strong but it’s time for a strategy change.

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I’ve ended the month with a total of 82 reads! 40 of them we’re locked episodes. Which was all very exciting to see as it was unfolding in real time, but now that we’ve received our bonuses I’m frankly…disappointed.

My bonus amount resulted in…$144 and some change. Less than the $184 I received in december, which is my highest bonus to date, and I’ll show you why and why the month of January was very bittersweet for me.

January started off pretty strong. I had two instagram ads running that ran for all of January and they got decent traffick.

One was running for $150( my regular story ad) and the other $180 (Announcing the season 1 finale for my story Dead Queen).

I don’t focus on how many likes the posts get, I mostly judge if an ad is doing good by how many people are bookmarking it and saving it on their phones for later, sharing it with other people, and tapping on it to go to the kindle vella website. That’s the kind of traffick I want.

More so actionable engagement. These indicates more to me how many people are actually willing or setting the intention to go check out the story.

I’ve gotten more followers! I’m currently at 37, but I’ve also noticed that I’ll see people reading the first episodes and not following the story and I’ll see new followers but no reads until days later.

I also got my first reviews!!!!

They were really bomb!

At first there was a woman who only commented on my instagram ad saying that she really enjoyed the story. I thanked her and asked if she could leave a review on amazon. She left an awesome one! (Don’t be afraid to ask your followers for reviews.)

Not too long after I got a handful of unusual follows, so I’m sure the reviews helped.

I had such a good moment at the beginning of this month that I was certain I would pass up the 48 reads I had in December and I did with flying colors.



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